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Friday, June 5, 2009

A Man Named Pearl

My mother used to plant tomatoes, cucumbers, and other eats on the terrace. We were pretty successful most of the time. As she her movements got more restricted I did more of the gardening and I didn't do to bad either.
For now I have been working on the house plants and in another post I may feel bold enough to take a photo. For now I am posting a bit of inspiration.

Years ago on PBS (channel 13 here in NY) would show animated works and stories from around the world. I made it my business to try to see them all. One of the films I will never forget, was "The Man Who Planted Trees". You can read the summary at Wikipedia, The Man Who Planted Trees. The story is quite compelling but the animation is extraordinary. The hero of the story takes gardening to another level as does "A Man Name Pearl" (just scroll down).

Now for some Pearls of Wisdom.
A Man Named Pearl

The Trailer Below

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Shimoda said...

I saw "The Man Named Pearl" recently. I saw the dvd at the library. It was wonderful. I would like to go and see his garden. And it was wonderful that he inspired his neighbors.

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