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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Where People Work/ V. G. Cleaning...and More!

Ed's Office
I now have joined millions of Americans who have TOO MUCH STUFF by putting the overage of STUFF into a storage.  It's daunting and I will be purging, but for now I had to get my STUFF to Storage Mart.

Rather than take my STUFF one bin at a time, a friend recommended Ed Martinez.  What a guy, he was polite, on time, and his prices are so fair.  He looked at my STUFF, packed it up on the pick-up and got me to Storage Mart...... easy peasy.  He made a stressful moment a hole lot less stressful.

Oh yeah, Ed also does cleaning, 
V.G. CLEANING 516-330-8314

Saturday, June 7, 2014

I'm Not The Only One

A daunting task is to organize, where do you put all this STUFF and why the WORLD am I keeping it. 

I recently moved my tools from a tool bucket into something else that was more efficient.  Now what to do with this bucket.....Oh I know, I will put all those papers in it and purge about 5 or more items a day.  The rule is to put things either away or shred.  I've done this before with a pile of papers and it actually works well.  Sometimes I will get stuck on something that has no home and/or it's a maybe keep, so this my go in an envelope labeled Miscellaneous.  It should say I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH THIS.

Below is a video Vlog from Artistic Expressions, on tackling a disorganized room.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

ICFF 2014

ICFF 2014

One of my favorite show to attend is the International Contemporary Furniture Fair, all the creatives come out to play.  I had one day, which is not enough time, but I made it work and was thoroughly inspired.

This unit (above) is created by Nick Davis and the cracked glass is on purpose.  It is encased in 2 pieces of glass.

Nick Davis

Tucker Robbins

Gabrella Farkas

Janosi Designs

Bien Hecho



Mon Oncle Barbecue

Mon Oncle Barbeque

Sunday, May 18, 2014


After opening a draw or two, to see taxes, receipt books, bookkeeping books, utility bills etc etc etc, all from over 20 years ago, I was glad for the annual Shred Fest 2014.

I bagged it all and carried two big bags.....DAMN PAPER IS Cadman Plaza to shred it for good.

I got off at High Street Station (as per the instructions), BUT I got off on the wrong end. 

After stopping a few times to get across the park I made it.

I dumped it all in the bin along with others, but I must have seemed like a kid at Disney Land, because they were asking "Is this your firs time?" "No, just so excited to get rid of this, CRAP".

When the bin is full, it's wheeled away and loaded up onto the truck.  He even had to climb up on the side to help the paper fall into the grinder faster.

We peered through the little window and watched our crap turn into.....I don't know what it turns into, just glad to see it gone.......GOOD BYE CRAP!!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Annual Shred Fest 2014

It's that time of year again, Spring.....into decluttering.  Thanks to Harlem Needle Arts, they have reminded me of The Annual Shred Fest 2014. 

Shred Fest 2014
Although many of us are going paperless, there is still a folder or twenty, that could be discarded.  The problem is that the papers still have vital information that can lead to identity theft.  Then the other problem is we just don't know what to throw out and what to keep.  Below are some helpful links, after you know what to keep, get your pile, bag, box together and go shred.  

Sunday May 18th, 2014
Free Shredding 
Arrive early
Trucks available 
10am  - 4pm
 Call 311 for more info about Shred Fest

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Where People Work/ Evil Olive Pizza Bar

Evil Olive Pizza Bar  in Williamsburg Brooklyn has had an up hill battle.  Prior to settling on a Pizza shop the location was a Bar/Club (don't remember the name), but that didn't work.  Then it was a coffee shop with wi/fi and I even stopped by for some coffee, but that too came and went.

Then Evil Olive Pizza Bar was born and the neighborhood is supporting him, including the Police and Fire Station which is right across the street.  It has become a regular stop for many who hop off the G train before they go home.

The other day Evil Olive was apart of a the reality show genre, with the taping of the Hungry Invester.  Bar Rescue Jon Taffer and Top Chef Tiffany Derry team up on a cross country search for a restaurant with potential.  Episodes feature two restaurants that compete in a challenge to prove to the experts that their business is the one to invest in.  

I don't know if Evil Olive has won the competition, but it was a real joy to see the restaurant filled with hungry neighbors giving this business a boost.

198 Union Ave
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Sunday, January 12, 2014

I Can Sit At the Counter

On February 1, 1960 Franklin McCain Sr., with Ezell Blair, Jr. (Jibreel Khazan), Joseph McNeil and David Richmond walked downtown and “sat - in” at the whites–only lunch counter at Woolworth’s. They would refuse to leave when they were denied service, their expectations were fully achieved, service was denied.  They went back day after day and the word spread.  On July 25th, Woolworth made the counter available to everyone. Read More

Although there were other sit-ins, this one made a great impact, inspiring other college student and youths.  Getting the attention of Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, one of the most effective civil rights groups, was born in Southern Black colleges.   They were powerful beyond their own realization.  

January 9, 2014 Mr. McCain Sr, made his transition and today I went to a minority owned restaurant and sat-in, because I could.


Monday, December 23, 2013

My Annual Christmas Walk 2013

New York City has a rich history with their Christmas windows.  I can't remember when I didn't go down 5th Ave in December and enjoyed the animated figures accompanied with music.  Christmas window display has a rich history and blossomed from the late 1800's (check out The History of Department Store Holiday Window Display).  

For the past 2 years I have taken photos and created a slide show of my walk. I thought would do the walk in a few days, starting out at Union Square to see the ABC Home and Carpet, then take the other part of the walk, another day. But I was motivated by the Holiday Season.  I did the whole ride, from Union Square to 34th Street then all the way to up Bloomingdales at 60th Street and Lexington Ave.  

At the end of the day, my legs were killing me, my back hurt and I had over 800 photos.....Thank God for the digital age.

Here is my Christmas in NY 2013 video.......well edited. 

on Vimeo

Saturday, December 21, 2013

A Shoebox of Memories

I have looked at this shoebox of super 8 film for years and with a broken projector, had no way seeing these memories again.....until now.  There are services that will turn your old film into a DVD along with music, but that meant the service would have control over the images.  The editing process is the fun and they don't know my people or my story.

Dijifi, is an absolute God send, I had been searching for a company that would take my film and make a digital format for me to be able to edit the way I want to.  They take your film, turn it into a digital format (they give you some choices depending on your project).  When it's done, all is transferred to your laptop or external hard drive.  

I grew up here in Lindsay Park, which was built in 1964.  2014 will be it's 50th year.  This film highlights a day in the Pool #1 (Lindsay has 3).  Below is the page from a brochure about the pool, which is hilarious, because I remember the promise of Ice Skating in the winter.  That never happened.

This is the first of many (remember I have a shoe box filled to the rim).

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