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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Ground Crew Christmas Party Part 2

This is the Ground Crew Christmas Party Part 2, and we had a great time.....BUT, I was unable to load this up on You Tube because of copy right issues....I get double digit views, which means NOBODY IS WATCHING....Anyway I get it, the artists worked hard on their music and they don't need some little office party video stealing the lime light. 
I was able to up load the original version here, but in a lower format, which really challenges the viewing pleasure. 

You Tube wouldn't allow the original version with Pentatonix version of the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy, I created a 2nd version, below.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Another Random Out of Order Post: Streetnaming Celebration

In 2014, SBLP celebrated the 50th Anniversary at a town hall.  It was a very warm reception, old-time residents stood up and shared memories and plans were announced to have an even bigger event.

To make the promised upcoming event more meaningful we resolved to co-name a street “Mitchell-Lama Way.” This name pays tribute to the affordable housing program which made Lindsay Park possible. This gesture is meant to emphasize the program's importance to our elected officials and the public at-large.

The program was co-sponsored by State Senator MacNeil Mitchell and Assemblyman Alfred Lama in 1955. The senator, a Republican and the assemblyman, a Democrat came together to create the first true affordable housing for middle income citizens of NYC. We will be the first street co-named Mitchell-Lama, but we sincerely hope this initiative will be picked up by other concerned Mitchell-Lama co-ops and rentals so that we will be far from the last.

Present were the son and grandson of MacNeil Mitchell and Alfred Lama, who were honored.  Son and grandson witnessed, first hand the vision of their family members and celebrated the fruitful harvest of the seeds planted to create affordable housing.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Finally Let Go

Let's just say it was finally time to let go.  The TV still worked, but it was small and big at the same time.....and definitely no HD.....bye bye Panosonic.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

J Train
It's my annual trek from Brooklyn to Laurelton for Thanksgiving Day.  It is a journey, but when you get to your destination, it's like the Cheers bar...they are always happy you came.
They fill you up with love, stories, laughter and of course FOOD. 

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Celebrating 51 Years!

This was one of many summer celebrations for Lindsay Park.  Although 2014 would have been our 50th anniversary, we celebrated August 2015.   

Lindsay Park Housing Corp. is a 2702-unit cooperative in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and houses about 8000 shareholders. From the beginning (1964) the diversity of the residents continue today (Most Diverse Apartment Building). We are standing strong for the next generation to celebrate the next 50 years.

It was a wonderful day and I took sooooo many photos, that I created 2 videos.

This celebration was made possible by the Board of Directors, residents, vendors, donators, volunteers, and our elected officials....Thank you!
Food Bazaar
Brooklyn Harvest Market
Verizon FIOS
Mario Salerno (Salerno Service Station)
Nu-Way/Scientific Boiler and Compactor
AOK Maintenance Products
Freddy’s Bodega
China Express
Evil Olive Pizza Bar
Dollar Store
Grain and Vine
Agho Wine and Spirits
Tommy Torres
Mike Olmedo
Party Fair
Watch Guards Security (Photo Booth)
Zenith Properties
Lisa Berman (Clown: Mike Omeado)
Health Fair (Senator Martin Malvave Dilan)
Cora D. Dix-Austin (LPHC Event Planner)
Johnny Gaffney

Elected Officials
Congressman Charlie Rangel
Senator Martin Dilan
Assemblywoman Maritza Davila
Assemblyman Keith Wright
The office of Mayor Bill de Blasio
Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams
Deputy Brooklyn Borough President Diana Reyna

Bed of Stone

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Another Random Out of Order Post: Lindsay Park Halloween Party

In Building #2 our Halloween Parties were memorable.  There must have been at least 50+ kids at the party along with adults.  Some costumes were store bought, but many were created by makers who were extraordinary creatives.  There was candy, cake, and OMG Food.....and then it was over.  In one of the other buildings (there are 7 altogether), there was a problem and because of that the parties were over and we could only give out candy in the lobby.  It was a disappointment for the kids and adults.

Until now, thanks to Greta Hunter who made an impassioned plea....however all 7 buildings needed to have volunteers or no building could have a party.....we (LP residents) got organized and all 7 buildings had a party.


The  attendance to our building (#2) party was waaaaay down from the 50+ from yester years, but the fun was up...way up for the children who did attend.  One thing for sure, they had room to ruuuuuun off that candy high!

Below some photos (see more here)

Thursday, November 12, 2015

What I Did This Summer: Lindsay Park 50th Anniversary

Well I haven't abandoned my blog, just been on a sabbatical......sort of, kind of.  Although I have had a few post ideas backed up on a list, just was a bit too busy to sit and write.
As I get back into the swing of things I will be posting random saved up posts, in no particular order.
I moved into Lindsay Park with my mother in 1964 (I forbid you to do the math), but it has been my home for that long.  2014 would actually have been the 50th celebration, but we celebrated August 29th 2015....and it was a glorious celebration.  Below are just a few shots of that glorious day.  See the videos (Part 1 and Part 2) at the bottom of this post.

LP 50th Celebration Part 1

LP 50th Celebration Part 2 

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Get Out Your Etch a Sketch....It's Etch a Sketch Day

As a kid this was my go to, keep me quite toy.  I had loads of fun trying to make curves, but most of my pictures were line variations.  To see some AMAAAAAZING Etch a Sketch art click here.

Not everyone can do this....

but you can try

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Salvation Army vs Free Cycle

As I go through this process of making decor choices, there are some items that I don't want to toss.  I believe there is still life in that table, chair, knic knac, or what not.  I could sell on eBay, but some things are not worth the effort, and I just want to give them away.  The Salvation Army and Free Cycle are my go to spots, but there are some pros and cons to each.

Salvation Army Pros
  1. I have given items away to the Salvation Army for years (some people prefer Good Will).  Take an item, hand it in, get a invoice/receipt for a tax deductions and I'm off to for my next errand.
  2. They will pick up, but you need to make an appointment.
 Salvation Army Cons
  1. They don't take books
  2. They can sometimes refuse items to pick up when they come to pick up
  3. They can toss items even after they have been donated.
  4. Dragging your item into the store.  Items sit in a corner waiting to be taken to the store.  It's not the Army's fault but it is a con.
Free Cycle Pros
  1.  Posting is easy, Offer, Promised, Taken. and your zip code.
  2. The person picking up really wants it.
Free Cycle Cons
  1. There can be lots of responses, but sometimes people don't show up for pick up.
  2. People don't show up to pick up items
  3. When people say they want the item, they don't show up to pick it up.
It is the most irritating con of Free Cycle, people wasting your time.  I have had some success giving away a piano, books, file cabinet, fabric, but it is the time wasting, inconsiderate Free Cyclers that think your time isn't important.  That's when the Salvation Army Wins!!

In conclusion there many other outlets to donate to and the pros will always outweigh the cons because it is still best to recycle, reuse, up cycle, restore, and resuscitate an item that still has life
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