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Monday, July 27, 2009

Let There Be Light!

Behold let there be light

This globe in the living room had been out of commission for a few years. We (my mother and I) thought we needed electrician and there we sat in the dark, so to speak.
I seem to remember in one college class that I made a lamp (it was kind of lame) but I did recall the some of the steps to making the lamp.

Back to Home Depot where I picked up all the lamp making parts. When I brought everything home and took all the pieces out I said,OOPS.

I thought it looked like a pile of junk and I thought I made a mistake to attempt this, but I soldiered on. After reading the instructions over and over, then put it all together and EUREKA! I did it! It works! I put the heavy globe on it's hook. Uh Oh!???

After it was all said and done the wire was too short and I have this ugly extension cord hanging down the wall. Oh well :(
Back to organizing......

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