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Friday, May 21, 2010

The Piano Lesson

I had been wrestling with the piano, that was here in the apartment for years.  Never learned to play the piano, but it did bring great joy by just standing at attention for all these years.  My mother grew up taking piano lessons with her sister and as an early childhood teacher it was required that she know how to play the piano.  So I grew up with a piano in the house.

Years ago (about 35), a family friend who had a moving business, called to tell her he had a piano and would she like to have it.  Delighted, my mother said yes.  It needed tuning, she got that done, and we had a piano.  Friends who could play would tap out some tune, but the greatest joy was our Chinese neighbor's daughter would come by and practice.  It seemed so normal. It was nice to see the piano could come to good use.  Our little neighbor finally moved on and the piano fell kind of silent and stood at attention in the corner of the living room for years.
Fast forward, for the past 2 years I tried to donate the piano to a Children's Museum, that didn't work out.  I told a friend, who's daughter is musically talented, if he could get the piano and have it tuned, he could have it, but that didn't work out.  Still another 2 other friends expressed interest and I waited... until today.
I listed the piano on Free Cycle and it seemed like in minutes, I had 4 inquiries.  I responded to the first.  With a few back and forth emails, some phone calls, a visit to measure, and then today was moving day.  Mr. Brenner, a countertenor/soprano and a few of his friends, came today to pick up the piano.  I am beaming, that it went to a musician and that this Mighty Upright will have another chance to make beautiful music.  (check out this restoration Roberts Musical Restoration, this Mathushek survived a Hurricane Katrina), so I feel great things can happen.

I watched them push, shove, lift, and load it up in the truck.  After that they tied it down the bulky heavy upright,  to secure it from flopping around

Snapping these last photos and watching the Mathushek disappear down the road.  Someone watching said to me "You really loved that piano".  I guess I did really love it.

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