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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Facebook Miracle 33 Years In The Making

Almost a year ago on Facebook I received a friend request and also asking if I was related to M.Elaine Bromfield (my mom).  I responded back but told her my mom passed in September 2008.  She sent me her condolences and told me how much she respected my mom,  "Mrs. Bromfield was stern but always fair".  I really appreciated hearing that from her. Since then we have posted and commented, which is what you do on FB, and then........

I was sorting through various papers like old articles, canceled checks,  and stuff, I came across a letter that said "To Whom It May Concern".  This usually gets tossed right away, but for some reason I read this letter.  It was a glowing report of a young lady who worked with my mom.  My Mother sited her dedication, responsibility and that she would be an asset to any company.  Over 30 years later and the letter is in my hands talking about my FB friend.  I contacted her and happily sent her the letter.

"Cassandra: I received your mother's letter.  Thank you so much for sending it.  
Who knew that a letter written 33 years ago would so uplifting to me.....
After I read the letter, my partner said that I "was a cool teenager", and a even cooler woman....
Who knew that Facebook would have made this miracle happen!"

I know my mother had a hand in this one, Thanks Mommy.

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Cassandra Bromfield's Blogs said...

The miracle continues, I was looking in another box finding more papers to throw out and found the letter she (the student) sent my mother asking for a letter of recommendation. Unbelievable!

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