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Sunday, December 19, 2010

6 Geese A Laying

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 Above a goose egg
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Now we are getting into an area of gifts that are plausible, 6 geese a laying.  According to Veracity Stew, it is just $150.  Someone actually posted a question to Back Yard Chickens"I'm thinking about getting a pair of more".  Surprisingly  some of the answers are positive.

Recently, in Whole Foods I figured would get a few groceries, which included eggs.  WHEN DID EGGS GET SO EXPENSIVE, I know I know it's a fancy smancy grocery store, but  DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANG.  I think I may consider buying 6 geese. I can raise them on the terrace and every morning, fresh eggs.  Maybe create a business, "Goose Eggs From Brooklyn".  Get a Facebook like page, Twitter, and then.................

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