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Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Bucket Full Of Fun!

Bucket Full Of Fun

About 2 weeks ago I went to the Martha Stewart Show, again.  This time I took a friend and we got in by the skin of our teeth.  Although my name and my friend's name was on the list, it was not enough to get us in.  We had to stand on the side with 2 other women (but the MS employee whispered "Don't worry, ladies I have 25 stand bys, you will get in and you will be very happy".
They have a system for seating the guests and along with other stand bys, we were seated last.  As we (my friend and I) got into the studio we were directed to the front row.  Kind of like orchestra seats.  What a bonus too, this was the Holiday Gift Show, and every segment was a gift giveaway!  And you can get in on the fun too, Enter To Win
During one of the breaks, someone from the staff, whispered to my friend that Martha Stewart may ask her a question.  During the taping she asked her to come up and try on the Seersucker Robe, which of course was a gift for everyone in the audience.
We had a great time and got a bucket full of fun.  I even made a little movie with my Flip Video camera (one of the gifts).  Thank you Martha!

Flipped Out Over My Beans from Cassandra Bromfield on Vimeo.
My new Flip Video and I celebrate with some beans!  So this is just me foolin' around.

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