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Thursday, March 3, 2011

And Then There Is Ebay

Pictures That Sing
Things you live with grow old in a draw or on a shelf.  It holds onto dust like a magnet does metal.  Sometimes you pull it out love it and then shove it back into its place.  At the end of the day it is just stuff, that I have not looked at for years.  So loving it is not what I am doing.
Then there is Ebay.  I have had an Ebay account with the promise of selling items, UGH I got cold feet (don't ask why, just get me some socks).  Ebay is my garage sale, living in an apartment limits you putting "stuff" on the lawn for random weekends.  Ebay is a lawn on the street of the world.  A teacher in Canada, collector in Kansas, or even someone around the corner, will take a look and OMG bid and buy.  
I have big dreams maybe Texas and Ohio will get into a bidding war over a dusty 6o year old book.  The winning bid $$$$$$$$ largest in history!   No interviews please, too busy posting more gems.

I viewed the instructional videos on Ebay and it says to begin with something small to get the hang of it.  These books and flash cards begin with .99 bids.  
Ladies and Gentleman badadda aba ba ga .99 to the lady in Kentucky, badadda  aba ga $1.50 to the man in Ohio.................SOLD!!!!!!!

Symphony For Simple Simon 

Pictures That Rhyme

Beginning Sounds

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