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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Successful Transfer

Well it's been a long journey and the road has come to an...........OK I'm getting a bit dramatic.  A few posts ago I mentioned I was trying to get rid of some furniture.  

Cleaning House
I first posted the dresser on Free Cycle and I got no bites.  After the 30 day period (rules for re-posting) I posted again.  This time I got about 5 inquiries, that went no where.  One got so close I was practically in the hallway with the dresser.  Anyway, I went another route, The Salvation Army but they don't come to my area.  Then I tried Housing Works!  At that time I only had the dresser.  They needed more merchandise to send a truck out to Brooklyn, "when you have more please, don't hesitate to call."  This seemed reasonable.

About 2 weeks later I had more, two end tables that were in good condition, but needed a bit of elbow grease.  I called Housing Works  again, with photos of the items (scratches and all).  After receiving a message to call back and discuss a pick-up date, I was elated.  We played phone tag but I was still thinking they would be giving me a pick-up date.  Not so fast.  This call was to tell me someone would call me back and approve the furniture, WHAAAAAAAAAT!  The Housing Works caller informed me they have certain protocols.  So I explained, there was an email with photos, then a call, then...... "OK" she says "Hold on".  After a few brief minutes she says "I'm sorry, blah blah blah, your furniture is crap".  Not what she said but it was how it sounded.   Dammmmm, I'm trying to give furniture away not sell it to Sotherbys.  She did try to give me some other sources which did not pan out.

Now what, Creepies List, I mean Craigs List which is still Creepy.  I posted to Facebook, at least every one there is my friend (wink wink).  I got a bite from an old friend.  Laura  (Shop Zambezi) and her husband Lorenzo (Lorenzo Williams Photography) a power couple. 

It was a perfect fit just like they are.  They have a guest room that needed to be filled and this was perfect.  Thanks so much Laura and Lorenzo.

Just to add a note, Lorenzo and I worked on the same wedding, Roxanna Floyd's (I made her wedding dress) wedding, see his work here.

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AfroMartha said...

I love, love, love that whatever-it-is with the zig-zag front! I would've totally rocked that with a fresh makeover. I cannot believe those people treated you like your furniture was crap. Only in NYC can beggars be choosers, lol! I detest Craigslist. SO much so that I posted about it here: I still somehow can't leave it alone though...

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