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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

For 19 Years

The Adolf's have hosted a Memorial Day BBQ in Quogue for about 19 years.  It was a long ride from Brooklyn.  One of those visit my car overheated on the Long Island Expressway.  Ugh, I got home about 3am.

New Rochelle

This year, the home in New Rochelle was ready for the gang and it was a good time had by all.

Our Hosts
It is so inspiring to see how others put their life together.  They make us all feel so welcome.   

The Grounds

The plumbing in the pool house had just been finished the day before and not a moment too soon

 With all the amenities, in the pool house you can watch the game and watch the pool at the same time.

Night time view of the, pool

Upstairs in the pool house has two bathrooms, complete with shower, and slanted roof has the subway tiling.

Gwen is still doing work on the BIG HOUSE.  Even as a work in progress it looks like House Beautiful.  In the dining room she has this textured wall paper.  Which is the perfect backdrop for the lithograph (I think) of Harry Belafonte.   I Love Love Love the chandelier of gold tone colored glass droplets.

Now that's Beautiful Living.


Roz said...

Really, really cool. Love the grounds & pool day or night. The chandelier is like sparkling fire. Pretty.

Cassandra Bromfield's Blogs said...

Thanks Roz, the chandelier seemed like each of the glass drops were hand blown.

Alejandra said...

What a breathtaking home! Thank you for sharing the photos.

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