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Saturday, October 15, 2011

A New Shredder

Staples Own Brand Shredder

I finally got a new shredder.  In the months without a one I had tried to rid important papers by tearing them up by hand.  Although this method at least always works if you have hands, it is not that effective.  You wind up miss tearing up the right parts and have make too many tears.

I then used scissors but that got old fast.   I tried soaking the papers in a bleach and water.  This was just messy and takes too long per pile. 

I kept thinking these papers can serve some second use.  Maybe they can be created into logs and then used as some fire starter for BBQ's and fireplaces.  So to test this out, I set the papers on fire, (IN AN OUTSIDE GRILL).  First of all, a pile of paper dosen't quite burn and all paper isn't paper.  The dyes, plastics, and what ever else was in the pile, just made a smelly mess.  It took hours to and then I just dosed it with water cause I was tired and this was just stupid.  

That was the last straw and I went to Staples and got a shredder.  I was picking out one that was cheap and the salesman told me to wait a day and get the advantage of the sale of a more expensive one.  The day wait was worth it.  The sale price marked it down just right and now I have shredded plenty.

Life works best with the right tools.  

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