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Friday, March 23, 2012

Where People Work: Nur Jahan Fabrics

A few months ago, I noticed a new fabric store in Bedford Stuyvesant.  You never know what you may find, so I strolled in, not expecting much, neighborhood fabric stores are notorious for having few good cottons, average prints, and nothing much else.  Nur Jahan is the complete opposite.

As I moved around the small space and touching this and that I came across a beautiful batch of silks.  
"Lady, Lady in Manhattan they charge more, I give you good price."
With a stone face "Yes, thank you", but in my head, I am saying "HOW MUCH DID HE SAY FOR THIS DOUBLE SILK SATIN!!! DAMMMMM". 

Really, I am not exaggerating, the prices are crazy low for silk.  Interior fabrics, African Prints and laces, cottons and more, are bargains as well.  For a tiny store, it's jam packed with goodies.

Nur Jahan Fabrics
1312 Fulton Street

PLEASE NOTE: At the time of this post their silk pile was dwindling down and he did tell me they may get less silk rolls in because of sales were low on the silks, but there will be other beautiful fabrics coming.


Libby said...

That would be a place you could leave me in. Get what you can while it lasts!

Jahzara said...

I'll be paying them a visit when in town!!!

Cassandra Bromfield's Blogs said...

Jahzara, thanks for reading, I just saw some burlap for 50-cents per yard. It's narrow, maybe about 20" wide. Dying to need to do something with it. They still have some silk but they said less people buy it so they are getting other stuff in.
I just bought some linen (beginning my Christmas presents) and as always, "..for you lady, I give you good price". It is usually very fair.
Don't forget to go to the Mecca for fabric, the Fashion District 40th - 37 (even 36th) streets between 7th and 8th avenues.
Happy shopping

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