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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Love Montana Gold Spray Paints.....But...

I love the Montana Gold Spray Paints, but this can clogged.  I tried everything to unclog the cap.  Tooth picks (I know, but I tried out of frustration, and got paint all over may hands), paint thinner, Xylene, and nothing worked.  I guess that's what happens with spray cans, even Montana Gold.  If anyone out there knows what to do please comment below.  

My disappointment means shopping for  a new can of paint.  I make up any excuse to go to the art store.  Montana has a HUGE selection of colors, all very vibrant.  Spray paint is not the only product, they sell Markers, Inks, Sketchbooks, and Accessories this is like heaven to artists. Read more about Montana, watch out, you will be making up excuses too.

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