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Friday, November 2, 2012

Still Standing

It's after the storm (Hurricane Sandy) and NY, NJ, Cuba, Jamaica.......Sandy made the rounds.  The loss is still climbing as of this post, but there is much that survived.  These 2 plastic parson tables have been on my terrace for, must be, over 20 years.  Which includes 2 hurricanes (Irene and Sandy), wind, rain, devastating cold, and moreThere were no cracks in the plastic and they are still standing.

What is still standing strong?

Earlier today, I was looking at my emails and in the subject line it read Family Member Concern, which had to be some sort of a scam.  I opened it and I am glad I did.  A women had tried to get in touch with her 90 year old aunt, but hadn't heard from her since before the storm.  She tried calling management and somehow found me via the internet.  She sent the email hoping I would follow through.  I did, after I called her, she explained what were her concerns.  The aunt's phone had been out for days and she just wanted to know if she was alright.  I took my cell with me and went down to the woman's apartmentShe didn't open the door right away, I told her, through the door, her nephew and neice from South Carolina were trying to get in touch with herShe opened the door alive and well.  I then called South Carolina and she had a nice conversation with her family.

In the wake of the Hurricane Sandy, we will remember what was lost, but we should remember how powerful we are, even in our most fragile moments.

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Libby said...

What an amazing story! Glad to hear that you and your neighbors are safe. We've been keeping check on our family in NY as well. Some are in the city, in the Bronx, and others on Long Island, but so far everyone is safe. Hopefully power will be restored soon.

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