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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Ride Of A Lifetime

On Tuesday, February 12, 2013, I was leaving Lincoln Center Fashion Week.  I work with the Ground Crew (we do backstage management for fashion shows).  Walking down the street I saw these guys polishing up these cars with the Skyfall logo on it.  The DVD/Blueray, was being released and I just figured it was some promotion.  I waited a bit, then asked what was going on with these cars, thinking I would get some trinket of some kind to advertise the movie.

Not exactly, this promotion involved a ride in a car worth over $100,000.00.  I called my friend Patricia, immediately.  She was the one that took me to see Skyfall on my birthday.  Her response was "GET IN THE CAR!!!"....  I got in the car and had Michael (the driver) take me to the Ground Crew's office.

It was a fantastic ride, even if it was in midday New York City traffic.  There were some pockets of where he could open up.  That didn't matter, slow, fast, standing still, I was sitting in an ASTON MARTIN! 

When I got to the Ground Crew's Office, on 55th Street and 5th Ave.  My friend Patricia (double P) and Audrey Smaltz were waiting cheering me on, along with a few other by standers.  I can't tell you how exciting that was.

Photos from Patricia's perspective

I jumped out of the car so fast that I didn't even wait for the Michael to come and open the door for me.

The only thing that could top this day, was another ride the next day.  Below myself and 2 friends share the magic.

The Ride Of A Lifetime from Cassandra Bromfield on Vimeo.

There was a lot of car envy going on, I asked the driver (a professional race car driver) how does that car (some luxury brand) compare to this one.  "Weeeeeeell, it's kind of like that's a pretty good bottle of beer and this one is Champagne."

Last year my mother's Toyota Corolla of 20 years, died (Where People Work/Orzan Auto).  This year I get to ride in an Aston Martin.  This was awesome!

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Roz said...

What an utterly lovely experience, Cassandy. I'm so very happy for you. You're living abundantly in all areas of your life. Hooray.

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