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Friday, September 6, 2013

Brother, Husband, Uncle, US Army Officer, and Judge


I loved saying my Uncle is a judge.

For me it was a sense of pride and confidence, “My Uncle is a Judge” I liked the way it sounded.

For years when I would be called for Jury Duty, if I were called for a case, and with great authority rise up and say “MY UNCLE IS A JUDGE!”, with my arms stretching making dramatic gestures. The judge would ask “Who is your Un- cle?” and again with great drama “CLAUDIUS MATTHEWS!”, and most judges knew exactly who “MY UNCLE” was. After some discussions, then came the “You’re excused!”, and I would exit the court.

I was taking a business class and they had invited a lawyer to come a explain business laws and responsibilities of small business owners. I can’t remember what happened in the Q and A, but I think I disagreed with the lawyer. At some point I said “MY UNCLE IS A JUDGE”, the speaker asked “Who is your Uncle?”, and I said “CLAUDIUS MATTHEWS!”.

He got a bit nervous and said “Oh my God, I have a case in front of him tomor- row, nobody tell her my name!!”.

Years later, when Uncle Sammy retired, I asked “You were my way out of Jury Duty, what am I going to do now???”

and Uncle Sammy said with a sly smile “Guess you will have to serve” 

Recently, when he was in the hospital I would come to visit and sit with him awhile babbling about this and that. One of my ramblings I quoted another lawyer who said “Courts are about Equity” and Uncle Sammy perked up with a re- sounding “THAT’S RIGHT” He loved the law and the court was a place where you get Equal justice under the law. He believed that strongly. 
My Uncle is a Judge, and I think Uncle Sammy liked the way that sounded too. 

It was sad to see him leave this world, but one of my last conversations with him, I asked what branch of the service was he in.  He was in the Army and served 2 years....then he got out.  I asked was that when he decided to become a lawyer?  He responded "Yeeees!"  He seemed surprised I asked, but also it was like he remembered this milestone in his life.

Uncle Sammy lived a long life doing what he loved, the law and as I said before he loved being a judge.  I will miss him dearly.


Anonymous said...

Your uncle Claudius Matthews married me and my wife over 19 years ago. He was wonderful and we were so happy to have him. I was looking him up just to see what he's up to these days and I can across your post. I'm writing this before finishing your post but I love the whole getting out of Jury duty thing.

Hope you are all well.


Anonymous said...

Maurice again, sorry to hear of his passing.

Again, he was great at my wedding and his words were so perfect.

Cassandra Bromfield's Blogs said...

Thank you so much for your kind words. I am not sure how many he married, but there were quite a few letters of kind words. Thanks again and stay blessed and happy. Cassandra

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