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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Where People Work/ Evil Olive Pizza Bar

Evil Olive Pizza Bar  in Williamsburg Brooklyn has had an up hill battle.  Prior to settling on a Pizza shop the location was a Bar/Club (don't remember the name), but that didn't work.  Then it was a coffee shop with wi/fi and I even stopped by for some coffee, but that too came and went.

Then Evil Olive Pizza Bar was born and the neighborhood is supporting him, including the Police and Fire Station which is right across the street.  It has become a regular stop for many who hop off the G train before they go home.

The other day Evil Olive was apart of a the reality show genre, with the taping of the Hungry Invester.  Bar Rescue Jon Taffer and Top Chef Tiffany Derry team up on a cross country search for a restaurant with potential.  Episodes feature two restaurants that compete in a challenge to prove to the experts that their business is the one to invest in.  

I don't know if Evil Olive has won the competition, but it was a real joy to see the restaurant filled with hungry neighbors giving this business a boost.

198 Union Ave
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

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