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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Lindsay Park Oldtimers Day 2014

Lindsay Park was established in 1964.  The first two buildings (#1 and #2) and by 1967 all seven buildings were up.  This multicultural Williamsburg community, is now has grown to become a mecca for artist, architects, hipsters, and more.  Talking to one friend, he pointed out "Our parents had vision".  

Scroll down to check out the video and more photos. 


The calm before the storm.  Be sure to see the video to the very end.  This gentleman, shows us the diversity that still exist in these 7 buildings.  Although there can be some tension among shareholders, we are still family, and what family exists without a few family squabbles.

Lindsay Park has been seen in many movies and TV shows, including The French Connection (this was the first and you could imagine we got a real kick out of that), Coming to America, Blue Bloods, and more.

 They day brought out the best.  Tributes to Tayshana "Chicken" Murphy and Shakur "Peanut" Taylor.

Shakur "Peanut" Taylor

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