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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Salvation Army vs Free Cycle

As I go through this process of making decor choices, there are some items that I don't want to toss.  I believe there is still life in that table, chair, knic knac, or what not.  I could sell on eBay, but some things are not worth the effort, and I just want to give them away.  The Salvation Army and Free Cycle are my go to spots, but there are some pros and cons to each.

Salvation Army Pros
  1. I have given items away to the Salvation Army for years (some people prefer Good Will).  Take an item, hand it in, get a invoice/receipt for a tax deductions and I'm off to for my next errand.
  2. They will pick up, but you need to make an appointment.
 Salvation Army Cons
  1. They don't take books
  2. They can sometimes refuse items to pick up when they come to pick up
  3. They can toss items even after they have been donated.
  4. Dragging your item into the store.  Items sit in a corner waiting to be taken to the store.  It's not the Army's fault but it is a con.
Free Cycle Pros
  1.  Posting is easy, Offer, Promised, Taken. and your zip code.
  2. The person picking up really wants it.
Free Cycle Cons
  1. There can be lots of responses, but sometimes people don't show up for pick up.
  2. People don't show up to pick up items
  3. When people say they want the item, they don't show up to pick it up.
It is the most irritating con of Free Cycle, people wasting your time.  I have had some success giving away a piano, books, file cabinet, fabric, but it is the time wasting, inconsiderate Free Cyclers that think your time isn't important.  That's when the Salvation Army Wins!!

In conclusion there many other outlets to donate to and the pros will always outweigh the cons because it is still best to recycle, reuse, up cycle, restore, and resuscitate an item that still has life

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