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Monday, November 17, 2008

So What About Yu'

I window shop all the time. I want to see, what do I want if I could have it just because I want it. There are several question I ask myself, do I have stuff like this stuff, can I make this stuff, do I really want more stuff, can I consider buying this stuff, and most important do I really need more stuff? Most of the time my browsing answers are: maybe, I think I can try to, no, no, and well no. But as usual there are lovely little shops with gems of stuff that make you want to leave with a pretty little shopping bag.

Yu' Interiors is just one of those stores that have a yummy collection of rugs, furniture, housewares, and more. The aesthetic is modern with an emphasis on Asia, retro, and just a little bit funky. It's just plain chic and fabulous.

Yu' Interiors is having a holiday party with 20% off. This means I can leave with a pretty little shopping bag. I love these cups and maybe just maybe.

Holiday Party @ Yu'
20% off all day

Sunday December 7th, 2008
15 Greene Ave
Brooklyn NY
3pm - 6pm

Raise a glass, have a bite to eat and spread joy.

Back to shredding.....

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