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Sunday, November 16, 2008

This Little Light Of Mine

Decorating seems to begin with looking at a whole lotta decorating magazines, online websites and blogs that have grand advice on how to do this and how to do that. I have watched my share of "You Can Do It" kind of shows and I begin to chant... Ahem... "Yes I Can".

So I begin at my bathroom light fixture, which has been broken for ages. My mother and I never seemed to notice or care about it, but now it is an eye soar.

I decide to remove the cover and visit Home Depot to see if I can replace the broken piece. One important detail. I forgot to take the cover with me.

First of all I didn't know what the thingy was called. See, apparently you must know what the thingy is called for the sales help to find it. The orange aproned gentleman could only refer me to the bathroom fixtures which meant I would have to put up a new one all together, say what? That wasn't in the plans. I wondered around the store and found a tile class. OOOOOH, I took a seat, watched, and learned. Shawn (who is apart of the Dream Team) was fabulous, he patiently explained the steps and materials. We were a lively bunch so there were lots of laughs. Especially when he referred to a product that "Ladies liked", because it was easy to use. Hey, couldn't it be "Lazy man" friendly, also? Anyway we had fun. We even got a free level and not one of those little key chain kind, it was a real nice one.
A tip for taking classes at Home Depot: one young women was taping the class.
She can do her project in steps and have a reference just in case she forgot anything.

We were keeping Shawn too long and the other Dream Team members reminded him of the time. The class ended where you could practice laying a few tiles down yourself. I skipped that and went to the painting class. I had a few questions about peeling paint. Jennie and Louis were great. Now I really feel energized.

Back to my bathroom light. I thought I would rem
ove the broken glass cover. The normal lights wouldn't do.

So I decided to get some decorative lights that would need no cover. As you can see that was not the case.

So now I decided to make the cover out of paper. I cut a piece the size of the and again thought this would solve my dilemma. As you can see, (or hardly see) it does cover but there is no pizazz.

I then gave it some star features with a star paper cutter. I now love it. Trust, it looks a bit better than this picture. One more tip, I left the bathroom and the paper had fallen out, so using a little tape on the back to support it did the trick.

Back to shredding...

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