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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Silver Service

Hey is anyone out there? I know it's been a looooooooong time since my last post, so please forgive me. Sorting, purging, organizing, and decorating is an emotional roller coaster.

With all the cleaning there gems and finds. Like this a Silver Plated Tea Service that has sat on the top of the a 5 tiered glass 'etag'ere for years. It had tarnished to a dark grey/black color and although that dark ashy color was interesting I still wanted to polish it. At first I began to use Tarn-X, which worked OK. I wasn't getting the sparkle I really wanted. Then I tried toothpaste, which if you didn't know does a great job at shining silver. But what worked best of all was an old jar of Gorham Silver Polish found in the back of a cupboard. I almost threw it out. It was dry and had caked up, but with a little water and elbow grease it worked great.
The dining room table was usually cluttered with papers, I have to get accustomed to having a center piece. Now, I am thinking of different vessels, bowls, and objects that will sit nicely at the center stage.
Back to organizing...

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