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Sunday, January 11, 2009

One Fine Day

For many years my mother and I have celebrated several holidays with two families that treat us like blood. In 2008, our families had incredible losses. My mother and my dear friends a mother in one family and a father in the other who were siblings. Yes, it was an unbelievable end to the year. With heavy hearts we continued with the celebrations.
Saturday January 10th 2008 Gwen and Gerald (upper left picture in montage) invited everyone to their new home. This party usually was the first Saturday after Christmas, but this was a very different year and it was delayed until January. Although the weather was threatening a storm, like postmen, nothing could keep us from our appointed rounds. It turned into....

Gwen and Gerald had been working on the house for 2 years (I think). The home ahem the mansion was absolutely beautiful! I understand why people ask you to take your shoes off. The floors were gorgeous. Who wants gunk, muck and scratches on a hard wood floor.

They even provided Puma socks, just in case your sock had a hole in the big toe!
This couple is incredibly generous. We roamed and peeked into every nook and cranny. I love the absence of crap! I had a lovely conversation with Gwen about how she is such a great purger. Her answer is she doesn't hold onto unwanted things, this not only includes paper, ceramic thingys, pocketbooks, shoes, but also people. I believe they have decided how they want to live and they walk towards that vision. They are so in sink, Gwen had the freedom to create their home as she saw fit. There is much more to do, as they both say, but Saturday January 10th, the doors opened wide and welcomed us in.

The tables underneath lovely setting were $8.00 each. Gerald said that's why there were table cloths. I never peeked, but that was a smart move.

On the top floor Harris and his friend play in the family room.
The next picture doesn't even capture how large it it.
OMG! The boys took full advantage of the floor. There was toys everywhere.

One of the guests said this about the library "I would never leave here"

The Dressing Room

I know that everything is fabulous, but no guest room should be this inviting. You would no longer have a house guest, they would be a room mate.

This is a kitchen anyone would delight in cooking, eating, and just enjoying the view.

We all enjoyed ourselves laughing, watching the game, reminiscing, eating too much, through smiles and tears. I loved every minute of my visit and when I walked into my apartment, I tried very hard not to imitate Betty Davis in Beyond The Forest, "What a dump".
I am organizing to my vision....

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New Roc Mommy said...

Thank you, Sandy, for the wonderful compliments. We still have a LOT more work to do, but we were happy to have family grace and beautify our home. I try to purge negative "crap" in life to make room for all of the wonderful things. We look forward to may more joyous gatherings. Here's to a fabulous New Year!

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