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Sunday, March 1, 2009

I Did It Myself

I have so much to do in the apartment, each little thing reveals a bigger thing to do. Today I made a bathroom improvement. My plan is to do most of the bathroom improvements myself, hmm we'll see how that goes.
My mother put in this fake marble cabinet thing around the sink. It's not my taste and it is too hard to remove now. Seems to have been put in with cement, so I will work around it for now and it does serve purpose of hiding the pipes and storing stuff under the sink. One door on the cabinet had been falling off (the picture is after I removed the door to fix). The old hinge had rusted and looked bad. I felt I could do this, meaning change to hinges and the knob. Off to Home Depot/Bedford Stuyvesant (718)230-0833).


I purchased a new hinge with a warm matt silver coloring. I made a smart move to bring the old hinge with me. What I didn't see when I matched the pieces together the holes on both hinges matched there was a part of the new hinge that was shorter, I couldn't see that through the packaging. This posed a problem because I don't have a drill, which means I needed to manually make new holes. OMG, this was not easy. Screwing, Screwing, Screwing, it was such hard work (get our mind out of the gutter)!

New Stuff

Anyway I did it! It looks sooooo much better now, even if the cabinet is not exactly my taste, I'm workin' with the stuff I got. This was about a $20.00 investment! Removing a cemented cabinet must be a lot more.

Now what am I supposed to do with these little white things that were in the hinge package?

Back to organizing....

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