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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Possibility Of The Impossible

I often feel that the cleaning process of my new old apartment seems impossible. Then came Tuesday January 20th 2009, it was extraordinary, magical and I celebrated with family/friends. I am reminded of a generation before who would have never believed this day would come and an even older generation who stood strong, even when they were broken, because this day was possible.
That day I thanked my 86 year old Uncle who became a Judge. I remember that day, for our family was exciting. His generation were tested each and every day. Another elder, I who celebrated with us told us how during WWII, the German prisoners were allowed in the PX and they (the black soldiers) were not permitted to have guns. His daughter turned to him and said "Daddy, isn't this something, we were brought over here in crates like cargo, today we are drinking champagne and eating lobster." Now America celebrates history in grand style. It was a magical day.

Organizing is not Impossible!

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