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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Mistake Proof

I make beautiful silk patchwork scarves, which are available on They have been made of a 4 ply silk, Organza, charmuese, and a china silk which is a light weight silk sometimes used as a lining. After cutting out the squares of silk, they are sewn together, then the scarf is tie dyed to add another dimension and color. This time I thought I would add paint to the mix. WRONG! the paint that I added was a little too thick, when the scarf dried it had these hard parts. I thought it would make it a little uncomfortable to wear. What should I do?
I make beautiful silk patchwork table runners, made in a china silk that are tie dyed and hand painted.

See, life is mistake proof, as long as you're a creative thinker.

Back to organizing...

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