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Monday, April 6, 2009

Tea Time

I have a few tea pots that I have inherited and love, but I have been using my glass mugs (another inherited item) for my cups of tea. I don't use the loose teas too often, it sometimes seems like too much work. But then I went to my friend Xenobia's birthday celebration at Knitty City (a really cool yarn store).

I was all confused about the celebration. I thought I was to bring tea. That's what I get for trying to Evelyn Wood her blog post. Anyway, my friend who is 35......again has something else to celebrate. Xenobia Baily's Naturally Harvested African Tea, (Re) Possessed Collection. Xenobia has just been branded psssssssss (that's the sound of a branding iron).

She didn't want me to bring a gift so I purchased her tea. Which is available at Knitty City and The Studio Museum in Harlem. This is the flavor that caught my eye which is what I bought (pictured above).

Mastermind Elixir: Meditate For Inner Wisdom To Support Scholarly & Practical Thought To Enhance The Evolution Of A Supernatural Lifestyle. Whew! now that's some deep stuff.

She celebrated with a creative crew of friends and Vintage Barbies.

Thanks Xenobia I now have a reason to use my beautiful tea pots.
Back to organizing...

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