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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day 2010

Fairway Red Hook Brooklyn

I decided to begin entertaining and for Labor Day 2010 I had 2 friends over for Lobster and Laughter. 
You cannot eat the whole thing, here Audrey dissects the critter.

Chicken, Lobster, Salad, Friends, Laughter

Next time, I think I will just get some lobster salad.  

This was what inspired me with the lobster.  My uncle (her brother) sent her birthday money for a lobster dinner.  She couldn't get out like she wanted to so I brought the lobster to her.  ABC (in 2008) was asking for  short videos using 3 words to describe your day.  I don't know if this ever was aired on ABC Sunday News but she really did love lobster and we had fun that day.

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