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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Closet Clean Up

My quest to clean up, decorate, continues, and Free Cycle a helpful source, where I can participate in the hip and happening trend of recycling.
Above are some ornaments that were sitting in the closet.  I still haven't done any holiday decorations inside and these ornaments were not family heirlooms. They were in a box in the closet wanting, waiting to be used, and I decided that I would post them to Free Cycle.
After so much success with my Piano, this should be an easy transfer.  Not so fast, I posted the ornaments with an error, the post was removed.  I posted again then that seemed correct but there must of been a technical error, and the post was removed for an error in posting.  But the post did get a response from readers.  However when I re-posted, believing I corrected it, yup, it was removed because you are not so re-post an item for 30 days (huh).  This is all happening the 2nd week in December, 30 days and would make the ornaments irrelevant.
Suffice it to say, I had a deal pending and even that fell through.  NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEXT, Max came through and on a street in Brooklyn the ornaments are off to a happy home. 

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