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Friday, December 31, 2010


Habari Gani

I stand on the shoulders of two creative giants, my grandparents.  When they left this world, they knew they had raised one child to become a Supreme Court Judge.  Another child traveled the world.  A daughter who was an educator in the New York City School system and a son who became an engineer.  Everyone learned to play and instrument, went to church every Sunday, and was polite and courteous to elders.  These times (30's and 40's) were not idyllic, but Momma and Poppy were creative, my mother and her siblings had a good lives.  
Just like my family, I am sure you have celebrated this Kwanzaa principal for years, because Kuumba is:
It is a lopsided birthday cake made with loving hands.  
Chicken soup, loaded up with herbs and vegetables. 
A spoonful of Cod Liver Oil.  
A swing made from an old tire.
Handmade card for mommy.
Collard greens cooked just right.
A saved egg carton for an important art project.
The prettiest Easter dress.
A crocheted blanket,
Friends and Family

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