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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Living to Loving: Beaded Ceiling Fan

Roz has been given a boost on her quest to de-clutter and create a beautiful living space with the installation of my new light fixture. Of course, with almost everything she's done on this "Living to Loving"  journey, the "chandelier" is an original piece made up of items bought over the years, intuitively knowing that it would work into her plan. 

In her words:
"I purchased the beaded, wire mesh candle holder, that evoked a middle eastern/Mediterranean flavor and had it converted into a light fixture. Even earlier,  I bought a simple, inexpensive ceiling fan, quite boring actually but I knew that liked ceiling fans and I could make it work. Then after painting the ceiling and getting ready to install lighting, Eureka, hit! I thought, I could combined the two if I could get the person with the knowledge and vision to make it happen, and I did. I painted the drab brown of the fan's blades a reddish copper color that matched my crown molding and sprayed painted the shiny brass of the fan's drum a brown crackled metallic to coordinate with metal base of the candle holder. My favorite, talented and professional contractor extraordinaire, Noel Murray connected both pieces into one seamless unit, got the electrical components connected and working and voila, see the finished product in images and video."

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