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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Roz's Shiney New Chandiler

After installing her "composite" ceiling fan lighting, Roz discovered that it was missing something. It was cute/interesting/nice - all insipid words really, which was the feeling that the piece evoked. 

Many years ago, Roz purchased a wrought iron chandelier that was both classic and rustic, elegant but with an edge. It was an exceptionally good buy as it was very inexpensive for such a good quality product. She wasn't sure if it was her (style) but there was something about it that said, "this piece is a keeper."    
Most people would not describe Roz as a person who wrap themselves in the classic and traditional. She embraces lots & lots of "real" color, along with the avante garde and the bold but would also totally embrace a re-interpretation of the tried and true, classic, traditional designs. 

For Roz, it made perfect sense to wear red and black tiger striped fur-topped, pointy toed shoes with gray argyle socks. Her friends have never gotten over that pairing, and each time to they tell the story of that particular outfit, ask her what was going through her mind when she chose to wear that ensemble. Roz, felt it was totally fine, and if they didn't get the look they should just consider it art.

But back to Roz's chandelier...Roz thought that it would just too big for her small living room, and so installed the composite fan instead.  But after installing the piece, she asked a friend with 20/20 decorating vision their opinion on the piece.  Roz's friend determined that the fixture was too small for the space,and thought that the iron chandelier would be perfect for the room. And so the fan was transferred to the kitchens and the wrought iron chandelier installed in the living room.  Despite the clutter of remodeling that is the room's current state, Roz thinks the chandelier looks wonderful, and really integrates, enhances and adheres all the elements in the room -paint, crown molding and wall stripes.
Congrats to you Roz!

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