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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

They Said It Couldn't Be Done

I purchased these two door knobs from Anthropologie (see more).  I had been thinking about changing the knobs for the bedroom, office, and bathroom door.

Below are the door knobs I would like to change.  They have been there since the 1960's, so that means it is time for a change.

Before I began the project I researched on line a tutorial.  This 2 minute + video, seemed simple enough.  So I went to Home Depot to pick up additional hardware supplies for the door.

....and that's where all the trouble broke out.

At the 1st Home Depot, I went directly to the aisle that sold the door knobs (tip: always take measurements and the item, if possible, to make sure all items fit).  I needed help, I didn't see what I needed.  As I showed the salesman my knob (no not that!!) and he found something but it didn't fit.  He told me it's a really nice knob (no no no not that), but 
HD "maybe you need to go to a hardware store"
Me " ummmm, isn't this a hardware store"
HD "yes yes, but I mean maybe a locksmith"
Me "don't you have a locksmith here"
HD "yes, but your knob (again not what you think) is special, they will know what you need"

So I left and proceeded to another Home Depot.  On my way I saw a True Value on Metropolitan Ave.  I took my door knob in and asked for help.
Immediately I was met with a smirk, silence, and a shrug.  I thought the guy didn't understand English.  He called another guy (seems like the owner).  As he looked at me with his glasses hanging on his nose he said...
From behind the counter he pulls out a door with a lock for an outside door.
Me "no no no, sir, this is for a bedroom door...."
There was another customer there at the same time looking for the right size screw (get your mind out of the gutter).  He looks at the knob (out of the gutter I said).  He is a bit calmer but......
TV "you can't use this, let me tell you I am a door guy for over 25 years, and this is an ooooold type of door.  They don't even make these anymore.  You try to put this on your door, you've got problems."
Me "but what if you have a customer that wants this on their door"
TV " they can't have it, this is a problem" 

I finally left and decided to continue on to Home Depot.  I can't believe that Anthropologie, would be selling door knobs that no one can use.  These guys are crazy.

At the 2nd Home Depot, I asked for help again and the sales woman found something I could use, but it was the a whole set, that included the glass, door knobs and latch.  This was an additional $15.00, ugggggh!  I only purchased 1 just in case that was wrong too.

After much ado about door knobs, I attached it and I feel pretty proud.  I now know what to buy and how to do it. 

P.S. I think I will write a letter to those knubskulls at the True Value and include a photo of the impossible job.

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