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Sunday, June 24, 2012

I Can't Stop The Bleeding

My first big painting job begins at the front closets.  Being  ambitious and inspired by Design Star The White Room Challenge.  It seemed so simple, just tape of a design and paint.............NOT.  
I tape of a complicated pattern and begin to paint, buuuuuuut when I remove the tape there is bleeding.  I used the Blue tape which professes to prevent bleeding and will give a you a clean line............NOT.  
Anyway, I went back to Home Depot to get some help.  He tells me I need Frog Tape.  I pick that up and it still bleeds.  
Today on the train I see a guy with paint stuff and I asked him how do you prevent the bleeding.  He said "You can't, you have to take a brush and touch up.  It drives us crazy all the time." 
Thanks to a stranger, I now know bleeding is apart of the painting process.

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