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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Finding a Purpose: Nia

My mother was a NYC Public School teacher and I thought for many years, that it was a consolation prize for what she really wanted to do, be a professional musician.  She played the bass fiddle in high school and was actually very good, but her parents were not as supportive of this idea.  So she majored in early childhood at Hunter College and entered into an educational career.

For years I heard her lament of the system, principals, colleges, etc.  While I assumed her frustration was fueled by the lost opportunity of music, I was wrong. 

One day she said, "You know what I liked about teaching?  I feel like I am giving children something they will really use in life."  I was stunned, although she had more than a few minor/major reasons to be dissatisfied with The Board of Education she found a purpose in her decision to teach 
Find your purpose and never look back.

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