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Monday, December 31, 2012

The Kuumba Couch

Roz is one of those creative spirits that where ever possible, she will make purchases from local artists, including me.  She even hired me one summer at The Brooklyn Children's Museum, as an art instructor.  I only worked 4 days out of the week, and I just couldn't wait to get to the art closet, it was heaven on earth.
Roz's love of unique items does not live in a dream for her, she will save her pennies to get that coveted what ever it is, then find the highest mountain, to share the artist with the world. 

Like myself she has been fixing up her apartmentHer striped walls (From Living Space to Loving One), inspired me to create my wall (YES I CAN).  Literally, she is the one that gave me the paint!
Her latest creative submission is her re-upholstered couch. A perfect example of 6th day of Kwanzaa: Kuumba, creativity. 

Here's what Roz says about her couch:
Price Custom Re-upholstery is a small shop with a bright yellow awning, located close to the corner of Maple Street & Brooklyn Avenue. Don't let the small size deter you from going in and seeing some of the high quality of work that happens inside this magical work setting. Chairs, settees and sofas that are worn, torn and beaten up are transformed into works of art. Mr. Price is not only highly skilled at his craft but he is creative and is a visionary. He is able to go beyond fabric and wood to produce exactly what the client wants.  
You will note that I embrace and like to integrate bold, colorful fabrics and patterns with traditional elements. I found Mr. Price's craftsmanship and professionalism to be incomparable in my experience of this type of work. 

Of course, I would highly recommend him to those of you who require this kind of service. If pieces of furniture that carry great meaning for you but needs refreshing or and update, then Mr. Price is the man for you.

Wilfred Price
Price Custom Re-upholstery
545A Brooklyn Avenue (bet Maple & Midwood Sts.)
Brooklyn NY 11285

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Roz said...

I wish I would have re-read & re-read my post so that I caught those few typos. Given that it is my sofa.

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