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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Here We Go Again

This bathroom wall is the bane of my existence! In a post last year, Wow That Was Fast, I explained the issued of this bathroom wall, which maintenance fixed, painted, and all was right with the world.......not so fast.

As I prepared myself for doing something creative in the bathroom, I noticed, again, the paint was peeling.  I called maintenance again.  That visit did reveal another leak.  These pipes are over 40 years old, leaks are going to come.  To replace all the piping would be so costly to the Co-op, they have opted to fix when something needs fixing.  Problem is that some shareholders have leaks that require the maintenance to check other apartments.  Every neighbor is not so neighborly.  I THANK GOD, do not have that problem.

Chuck, Jeff, or whoever came that day.  Went upstairs and ran the water.  They saw the drip (I did too) and a plumber was called.  He came, looked, checked, etc.  Another plumber came and told me, the problem was not in my wall, it's upstairs.

The pipe was fixed and the next step was to scrape and paint my wall.....not so fast.  The wall is still wet, after about week and a half.   I called maintenance, again, they came......

The cabinet comes off the wall and they check for leaks.  One of the men go upstairs and the neighbor again is asked to run the water while in my apartment, he looks for drips.

The only thing Mr. Ford said "I saw little drips, not water pouring down".  This was pretty much inconclusive.  However, they thought that the shower head of the above apartment is very close to the wall and maaaaaybe the water runs off into an opening that goes inside the wall.  I believe they put a sealant around the shower, faucet, and knobs.

While both of them were out, tried to take some photos behind the wall, which is what this is.  It just looks like a wall.

In conclusion, is there really an end to the wall saga, I have to wait and see.  The wall needs to dry, then they will paint and...

If anyone has any ideas please share.  For now stay tuned.


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