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Sunday, January 4, 2015

De-Clutter.....Continues into 2015

I make a Christmas inspired dress every year (just for display), which is usually made from materials found around the studio.  I made this one entirely from acquired fabrics, beads, and even the mannequin was a save from the garbage.  Sometimes holding on to stuff, can be a good thing.

I am guilty of holding on to, too much stuff and have been apart of, too many, clean up teams to love ones who have transitioned.....but their stuff remains.  I love everything that I have acquired (especially anything related to sewing) and also donated to Free Cycle, Salvation Army, the museum, and the "Hey do you need this?".  
Even though I have become more organized, for some reason a pile of papers, fabric, thingys, projects to be or not to be, add up on a chair, behind a chair, in a closet, then finally in the middle of the floor.

I grew up with a NYC school teacher and while you could always find a place to sit, the table was another story.  It was always filled to the brim with papers that included, bills, mail, cards, and flyers.  It's hard to break this habit,  I still create piles of paper on a corner of the table.  Oh I do, toss, shred, and file, but paper seems to regenerate, itself, even without me looking. 

There are many tips I get on my journey.  As I was picking up supplies, one of the employees came out, opened a closet and made an announcement that the closet shoe organizer is for scarves, hats, etc. and to stop balling it up on the shelf, where everything tumbles down on the floor etc etc etc.  I made a stop at Amazing Savings for my double shoe organizer.  It works like a charm!

I think I am going to tackle the kitchen this month (but don't hold me to it), like Elisabeth from Artistic Expressions.  Here is her Show and Tell:

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