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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Another Random Out of Order Post: Lindsay Park Halloween Party

In Building #2 our Halloween Parties were memorable.  There must have been at least 50+ kids at the party along with adults.  Some costumes were store bought, but many were created by makers who were extraordinary creatives.  There was candy, cake, and OMG Food.....and then it was over.  In one of the other buildings (there are 7 altogether), there was a problem and because of that the parties were over and we could only give out candy in the lobby.  It was a disappointment for the kids and adults.

Until now, thanks to Greta Hunter who made an impassioned plea....however all 7 buildings needed to have volunteers or no building could have a party.....we (LP residents) got organized and all 7 buildings had a party.


The  attendance to our building (#2) party was waaaaay down from the 50+ from yester years, but the fun was up...way up for the children who did attend.  One thing for sure, they had room to ruuuuuun off that candy high!

Below some photos (see more here)

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