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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Another Random Out of Order Post: Streetnaming Celebration

In 2014, SBLP celebrated the 50th Anniversary at a town hall.  It was a very warm reception, old-time residents stood up and shared memories and plans were announced to have an even bigger event.

To make the promised upcoming event more meaningful we resolved to co-name a street “Mitchell-Lama Way.” This name pays tribute to the affordable housing program which made Lindsay Park possible. This gesture is meant to emphasize the program's importance to our elected officials and the public at-large.

The program was co-sponsored by State Senator MacNeil Mitchell and Assemblyman Alfred Lama in 1955. The senator, a Republican and the assemblyman, a Democrat came together to create the first true affordable housing for middle income citizens of NYC. We will be the first street co-named Mitchell-Lama, but we sincerely hope this initiative will be picked up by other concerned Mitchell-Lama co-ops and rentals so that we will be far from the last.

Present were the son and grandson of MacNeil Mitchell and Alfred Lama, who were honored.  Son and grandson witnessed, first hand the vision of their family members and celebrated the fruitful harvest of the seeds planted to create affordable housing.

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