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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Take A Tour, Take Ideas

Ahh, Bedford Stuyvesant, this is where my mother grew up. She hated when people would shorten the name to Bed Stuy and she would promptly correct those making that mistake. The above picture is taken in front of 217 McDonough Street, right in the heart and soul of the hood. She always said the neighborhood was Bedford Ave to Stuyvesant Ave, Fulton St to Mrytle Ave. The neighborhood was mostly white and I think they may have been the only black family on that block. I have heard a story that Poppy (grandfather) bought the home for $8,000 or $10,000 and this was above the market value of the homes of that time (l930's). This obviously has changed and the neighborhood is having a resurgence of interest. Homes sell in the 6 figures and the insides are just as grand as they used to be over 70 years ago.

So I need ideas and I love/hate a house tour. Love the decorating concepts, accessories, and tips. Hate when I come home and say "What a dump, boy I have got to clean up!". Anyway it's all good because it gets me moving either way. This weekend is the 30th Bedford Stuyvesant House tour and I am a house sitter so I get a closer and longer look. Below all the info.

30th Annual Bedford Stuyvesant House Tour

Saturday October 18th 2008
11am to 4pm
Tickets $20
(my advice is to get tickets in advance they go pretty fast)

more is going on that day in Bedford Stuyvesant

Back to shredding....

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Anonymous said...

This is just *so* cool! We love photos from that era, and especially when they can be contrasted like the "before," and "after," or the "then" and "now" pictures.

Thanks for sharing this!

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