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Friday, November 7, 2008


Ugh! I had wanted to get rid of this chair for years. Broken, battered, and tore up from the floor up, I finally tossed it. I could not even show it without the "lovely" floral drape, equally offensive.
As I clean, sort, shred, toss, I have created a corner of "stuff" that has got to go. As I lamented about the "stuff" to a friend another eves dropper mentioned Free Cycle.

How it works, A network of people in their own towns getting and giving stuff for free. The grassroots and entirely nonprofit movement core mission is to reuse and keep good stuff out of landfills. Now, I am pretty sure my "lovely" chair has had to go on to glory, but I have tons of other stuff that I am so excited about getting rid to those who will love it just a few years longer.

Back to shredding....

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Roz said...

Cassandy, I didn't see the additions to your blog of my de-cluttering. I'm happy to say there is now paint on my walls. My apt is beginning to transform into a dream.

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