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Sunday, January 11, 2009


I absolutely love ABC Home and Carpet. It is this fabulous store with lots' of unique stuff. They have a knack for finding the most incredible items you could want. To display these wonderful items they put set dishes, books, cards, etc are put together in clumps, my description not theirs. The vignettes of like with like, similar with kind of like and a nice creative selling experience. I walk through the store liking everything. Ooh, if I could buy something I would buy.....You've got to be careful when you walk around, especially if you carry a big bag be careful, your like a bull in a china shop.

Below you will see my examples of my clumping. I have nestled a few bulls from my mothers bull collection (she was a Taurus), yep, a bull in a china shop. Ain't I clever.

The tea set below has a little story. My cousin gave me 1/2 the set with service for 6. I hadn't unwrapped it for a few years because I had no place to display it. In my mothers china cabinet there was a tea set with tea pot, creamer, sugar bowl, and a set of tea cups and saucers for 6. I finally opened the box I saw the pattern was the same as the one in the china cabinet. My cousin and I think (our mothers were sisters) one purchased the tea set for themselves and a gift for the other one.

Back to organizing...

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