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Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Habari Gani
Cooperative Economics

This Kwanzaa principal is overlooked and under appreciated.  In the past few years, we have been in such a financial slump.  From lay offs to foreclosures, we are in trouble.  Fingers point at the Government, Big Financial Conglomerates, War, and The Rents Too Damm High.  They may deserve a finger wagging or two, we must point the finger at ourselves. 

We have spent too much, saved too little, and ignored all the steps to make ourselves financially stable.  Debt is the new slavery and if we don't remove these shackles of "I have to have it.", we will never be free. 

Save 10% of your income (or any amount just do something)
Create an interest bearing account, LEAVE IT ALONE, and watch it grow.

Make your purchases count, spend money with a small minority owned business.  You may have to go out of your way but it will work to the benifit of the community in the long run.

Work with a financial planner, advisor, or read more about how to make your money go further.

Stop throwing money away. 
  • If you belong to a gym and haven't gone for months, you could have thrown the money out of the window. 
  • Or do you buy coffee and lunch EVERYDAY, ugh too much. 
  • If you haven't won the lotto yet $20 each week won't increase your chances.  
  • Cable bill 2 months overdue????? I like cable too, but you can always turn it back on.
  • Does the Chinese restaurant know what your order is before you order, maybe it's time to grease up a frying pan and COOK.  Plus it's just too much sodium in take out, you know your blood pressure is TOO HIGH.
I can go on but you get the idea, if you Coorperate With Your Ecconomics, Your Ecconomics Will Cooperate With You.

Now you can sing Money Money Mooooney!  Ujamaa

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