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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Message To Hardware Stores

You will recall my Hardware store experience when I was putting on a new door knob (They Said It Couldn't Be Done). Well here we go again.....
I recently saw this video tutorial Product Photography TutorialIn the video he uses 2 CLAMPS to hold the board that becomes a back drop.  I stopped in Wankel's Hardware to pick up 2 CLAMPS.

Here is my exchange....

"Hello, do you have CLAMPS?"
"Do you mean like these?" holding paper clips with an odd look on his face.  He asked me this question a few times.
"No I want CLAMPS those are paper clips, I am looking for CLAMPS"
"Do you mean for clothes on the line"
"No I mean CLAMPS they are larger than that.....(with a huff) let me see what you have"
He then directs a sales person on the floor to help me, telling him to show me the  clothes pins.
I explain to the the sales person, that I am looking for CLAMPS and he got it. The CLAMPS were in the front near the register.  I asked him is this called CLAMPS or something else.
He said "No you were correct."
"...just because I am a woman doesn't mean I don't know what I am looking for.  This was really annoying"
This happens a lot at Hardware stores.  They are notorious for this type of exchange with women.  Even if you ask for it by name, company, serial number, and size, the salesmen act as though you said "Do you sell  something, that looks like this thing that is on the door of that building on the street where I live?" 

Hardware stores please stop and listen to the customer.  Some of us know exactly what we want.
PS the floor sales person made an effort to listen and find what I wanted.  I don't know who it was working the register, but he is an IDIOT!!

 Below the video tutorial.

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